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passionlillyflower asked:

I hope your health is better now, wishing you a wonderful day and to say to you that I love the work you've made in your blog!!! It's wonderful, thank you for all the incredible posts on Tom Hiddlestone pictures it gives them a special chant!!! I send you my best wishes so you can recover soon!!! Good bye!!! May God be with you always!!

You’re awfully sweet! Thank you very much for the well wishes. I’m getting a bit better thanks!



Have you ever felt tingly when a bad guy was onscreen? Does Loki or Draco have you all aflutter? Would you do anything to be the Joker’s Harley Quinn? Then you may have Villain Attraction Disorder. It’s okay. These women are here to help you.

Reblog this if you’ve ever gotten hot over a villain. Which means ALL OF YOU BECAUSE COME ON JUST LOOK AT LOKI

I was asked to reblog this. I chuckled but bear in mind it’s probably NSFW darlings.

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